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What is the Claims Portal?

It is a stakeholder-led secure electronic communication tool for processing low value personal injury claims (PI)... Learn More

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Yes, if you process low value personal injury claims covered by the Ministry of Justice’s pre action protocols. 

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I'm a compensator.

New to the Portal?

Whether it’s something new for you, or for your whole organisation, we invite you to get your bearings.

Already familiar with the Portal?

You can refresh your knowledge here.

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Then you can log in here.


I'm a claimant representative.

New to the Portal?

Whether it’s something new for you, or for your whole organisation, we invite you to get your bearings.

Already familiar with the Portal?

You can refresh your knowledge here.

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Then you can log in here.

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News And Announcements


    IMPORTANT: Claims transfer process explained

    Following implementation of Release 5, it is now possible to transfer claims between Portal organisations.

    You can find all the information relating to the process on our Transferring Claims page.

    We would like to bring your attention to the following key points:

    • It is only possible to transfer claims between organisations of the same type, for example Compensator to Compensator
    • The process is designed to transfer 100 claims, or more and is not suitable for transferring individual claims
    • The time it takes to complete a transfer varies according to the organisations involved, but you must contact us as soon as possible to discuss your organisation’s requirements
    • Third parties involved in the transfer will only be notified within the Portal at the time of the transfer. However, it is the responsibility of the organisations transferring / or receiving the claims to notify the third parties, prior to the transfer.


    Read More


    Claims Portal: Insurer Index Update for RTA A2A Users

    Updated RTA A2A Insurer Index Spreadsheet

    An updated version of the RTA Insurer Index spreadsheet is now available.

    Read More


    Updated Executive Dashboard Management Information Now Available

    Claims Portal Ltd has today released its monthly update to the Executive Dashboard. The Management Information (MI) deals with the Portal as a user community service and provides high level information on the claims process.

    Read More


    Claims Portal Helpdesk - Christmas Opening Hours

    As Christmas draws closer I wanted to provide you with notice of the Helpdesk opening hours during the holiday season. As you might expect, the Helpdesk will be closed on certain dates during this time and open for reduced hours on others. I would ask you to make a note of the dates and times below and plan accordingly if you expect to be using the Claims Portal during the Christmas and New Year period.

    Read More


    Important information - Claims Portal availability 9pm tonight

    Please note at 9pm tonight, the Claims Portal will be unavailable for an hour whilst important maintenance is carried out.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    For any portal enquiries please contact the Portal Helpdesk


    Telephone: 0844 257 0674 (calls cost 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge) 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

    Read More


You can see a list of frequently asked questions, and the answers, here.

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Using the Portal

Claims Portal User Guides for Claimant Representatives, Compensator/Insurers and Administrators.

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Sign up to the Portal

To register your organisation on the Claims Portal, you can access the online registration here.

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Getting started

Protocols and forms are available on the Ministry of Justice's website.

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Registration information for new and existing users.

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Transferring claims

Information on transferring claims.

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