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Using the Portal

Once you are an authorised user and you have your log-in credentials, you're ready to start using the Claims Portal

  • For Claims Handlers this means you can log-in to the Claims Portal and begin processing claims; although we recommend that you practice using the Training site first.
  • There are also Walk Throughs, User Guides (below) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) to help you throughout the process.

If you are an Administrator...

  • You can review the User Guide (below) to help set up your account and users
  • You can submit a registration request for your organisation.
  • Or Manage your account

I'm looking for ...

New to the Portal ?

If you are, or just keen for a ‘refresher’ about how to use the Portal, you’ll welcome our Walk-throughs. 

Walk Through

User Guides

  1. A. Introduction
  2. B. Sending & Completing a CNF
  3. C. Creating an Interim Settlement Pack Request
  4. D. Creating a Stage 2 settlement pack request
  5. E. Creating a court proceeding pack request
  1. A. Introduction
  2. B. Responding to a CNF
  3. C. Responding to Interim Settlement Packs
  4. D. Responding to a Stage 2 settlement pack request
  5. E. Responding to a court proceeding pack request
  1. A. Before you register
  2. B. Registering your Organisation & Administrators
  3. C. Activating the Claims Portal
  4. D. Managing the Account
  5. E. Making Changes to Your Organisation's Account